Shot in which I'm wearing a polo shirt, clear round rimmed glasses with a mid-length beard. My hands are clasped and mouth slightly open suggesting i'm mid way through a key point in my presentation. In the background there is a blurred pink and purple banner for the event.
Presenting at the Connect Marketing meet-up organised by Flex Digital, Runway East, Bristol 2023.

When I was young, my parents realised one way to keep me occupied in restaurants was to give me pens, pencils or anything that made a mark and get me to sketch. Years later, I decided — rather than attempt to become a fully-fledged artist — I would study history of art at university. After graduating, I tried to get a job in advertising and eventually got an account executive role at a digital communications agency.

In the years that followed, I worked in various roles — including digital content editing, search engine optimisation and UX/front-end development-adjacent positions.

I was lucky enough to have been around for the sea change that was the move to responsive web design and worked on several significant website re-designs including the complete rebuild of two separate websites for the insurance company AXA.

In recent years I was Digital Transformation Manager for the municipally-owned Bristol Energy.

While each role has its unique challenges, a constant throughout my career has been a fascination with communication through words and images, digital systems and interfaces and how we can use design for 'good'.

I now work exclusively in accessibility and inclusion as Principal Accessibility Consultant at Nomensa — a strategic experience design agency based in Bristol, United Kingdom.